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Omani Channel Partner

Testimonial Omani Channel Partner


Having been in post for 6 months as General Manager; when I first met Nick I felt slightly overwhelmed as I was new to the commercial world having spent my whole career in the military.

As I got to know Nick, I found him to be a man of several parts; as a businessman he was sharp, focused and dynamic with a comprehensive knowledge of his brief and best business development practice. 

In front of the client, or potential client he was eloquent, confident and relaxed with a good understanding of the different cultures and traditions of the EMEA market.

As a person, he is kind, friendly and easy company with a good sense of humour.

African Channel Partner


Our organisation had the pleasure of working with Nick across many African opportunities.

We found Nick refreshingly frank, tenacious and enthusiastic. His in-depth understanding of diverse business practices and the ability to adapt Eurocentric attitudes to suit African requirements ensured success in developing significant business opportunities as well as lasting personal and professional relationships. Some of our customers still ask after him.

Czech OEM Partner


Nick and I have worked on many projects together over the last year, and he is excellent guy to work with.

Nick is an energetic Sales Director who can quickly builds strong relationships through his open and professional manner. He is exceptional at identifying and engaging with key decision makers, and I am sure that his strong communication skills and solution understanding will bring him well earned success in the future. 

International Channel Partner


I have known and worked with Nick for the past 4-5 years in Middle East region.

My business as a Management, Economic & Technical Consultancy firm was established in 1984.

It is in this area of business I came to meet and work with Nick.

In working with any 3rd party company and individuals, I find it highly important to undertake due diligence on both, primarily to;

1. Understand their reputation for delivering excellence

2. Trust the individuals with whom I work wont' jeopardize my own business and personal reputation.

Having introduced Nick to many CEO's and other high level contacts within the communications sector, his personal presence and credibility both capture the audience and engender trust.

I've seen first hand Nick's ability to build strong relationships working with our government officials in the public authorities and agencies we do business with, as well as senior industry leaders. He has strong presentation skills and reads the reaction of the client.